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About Us

Who we are?

PlyHolz, headquartered in Los Angeles, is an American company specialized in import and trade distribution of highest quality Baltic Birch Plywood across North American market. Founded by a group of American and Swiss professionals from timber and plywood industry, PlyHolz was established as an independent partner company of HolzPly, Swiss distributor of various wood species, panels and decorative surfaces to customers in over 32 countries across Europe. In contrast to HolzPly's diverse timber-related trade activities, PlyHolz was established with a more singular vision in mind – to bring the largest selection of the highest quality Baltic Birch Plywood to customers in North America, considered by many in the industry to be the best hardwood plywood in the world.

What we do?

We supply Baltic Birch plywood to a diverse clientele, extending our plywood range to a wide array of trade partners, including contractors, furniture makers, lumberyards, distributors, architects, and craftsmen. Our plywood portfolio not only features the highest quality Baltic Birch plywood but also offers versatile types suitable for various applications. In addition to quality and versatility, we provide plywood specifically designed to enhance both time and cost efficiency, adding significant value to your projects and meeting the distinct needs of each industry.

Why work with us?

Quality and Service !

Our Baltic Birch Plywood comes exclusively from the Eastern and Northern European regions, known for their world-class Birch Plywood production. By working with only handpicked mills renowned for their expertise and history of producing high-quality birch plywood, these mills, equipped with cutting-edge machinery from Germany, Japan, and Finland and supported by highly skilled personnel, ensure the highest quality standards are met. Prioritizing quality over low-cost/low-quality alternatives, we steadfastly refuse to import and distribute cheaper options from countries known for their inferior quality. This commitment guarantees our customers receive unmatched quality along with the largest selection of Birch Plywood in North America, all conveniently found in one place. And though our plywood may caption your attention, it`s our customer experience policy that will win your loyalty. We maintain a transparent and streamlined process for both new and returning clients, ensuring swift and efficient interaction. We promptly respond to all your email inquiries in the shortest time possible (usually within 1 hour), while also providing live chat support with one of our agents in case you need immediate assistance.